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Below is the latest interview to be added to the site. You can access all other interviews from the menus further down or you can click the two triangles >> on the right of the player and scroll through the interviews that way

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Interviews Related To The Music Industry Are Here


Barry Blue (singer,  songwriter, producer)  click here

Andy Lindquist (Musician and producer) click here

Clark Datchler (Johny Hates Jazz including new single) click here

Charley Foskett (Legendary record producer plus new album)  click here

Steven Moove (Smoove and Turrell) click here

Limahl (Kajagoogoo plus his solo and acting careers) click here

Cher Lloyd  click here

Matt Goss  (Bros + solo career  + fundraising  new single) click here

Pete Dodds (The musicians' musician) click here

Nigel  Pearce (Author And Broadcaster - talking about his new book about Apple Records - the record label founded by the Beatles) click here

Jason Wicks (Little Red Kings) click here

Francis Rossi (Status Quo) click here

Colin Blunstone  (The Zombies) click here

Gary Fletcher (The Blues Band) click here)

Peter Barton  (The Animals Clearwater Creedence Revived) click here

Non Music Related Interviews

Honey Langcaster-James  (TV  Psychologist )With Anna Hill (VP of WW) talking about solutions to the negative impact of lockdown on our mental and physical health click here

Iona Bain (Financial journalist, blogger and broadcaster)  talking about the change in our food purchasing habits due to lockdown and how frozen foods are enjoying  a renaissance  click here

Angela Crowley (SNP MP) click here

Historian And Politician Ed Archer Explains How Media Manipulation works click here

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Limahl "Still In Love!
Check out our interview with Limahl (Originally With Kajagoogoo)  He  has a new single out "Still In Love" and talks about his present life and  of course all things Kajagoogoo
Click here



Gary Fletcher Blues Band River Keeps Flowing
Check out our interview with Gary Fletcher of The iconic  Blues Band including the famous "Bootleg" incident  and hear  tracks from his solo album   click here


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Check out our interview with legendary front man Peter Barton - The Animals & Clearwater Creedance Revived click here





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