Lanark FM Interviews

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Judge Frank Caprio (The Rhode Island Judge who doesn't throw the book at you) click here

Angela Crawley (Our SNP MP) click here

Eric Holford  (Clydesdale Councillor ) click here


Catherine Mc Clymont (Scottish Labour councillor) click here


Michael Mc Ewan (Journalist And Disability Advocate) click here

Cleland  Sneddon (CEO South Lanarkshire Council) click here

Dean Friedman (Musician And Song Writer "Lucky Stars") click here

Ed-ucation (Eminent local historian Ed Archer gives his views on education)  click here

Kevin Curran (Cyber security expert at Belfast University) click here

Lez Graham (Lanarkshire based Master Gundog Trainer) click here

Karen Gibb (Founder and CEO of Mind Marvels talks about uplifting young people) click here


Amanda Wu (Psychotheraputic Counsellor discusses the type of things that affect people during lockdown and the solutions plus on-line bullying and gaslighting) click here


The 1910  Lanark Air Show (Ed Archer talks about the one of the first air shows ever  which was attended by a 1/4 million people) click here


Antonia Pompa (Manager - The Lanark Business Improvement District (BID) click here 


William Wallace Part 1 (The Truth From the Fiction With Ed Archer) click here


William Wallace Part 2 (The Truth From the Fiction With Ed Archer) click here


Ed  Archer  Talks About How The Media Manipulates Us click here