Judge Frank Caprio

The Rhode Island Judge Who Doesn't Throw The Book At You


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Judge Frank Caprio is the Chief Municipal Judge in Providence Rhode Island. He has gained an international  reputation for benevolence, common  sense and good humour.  He is especially noted for his kindness towards young people who attend  court  with their parents.  In some less serious cases cases he will occasionally invite a young child to sit with him on the bench and pass judgement on his parent.  YouTube videos of his court cases, which were filmed by his brother Joe, have been viewed over five hundred million times. As a result his court room proceedings are now are now a syndicated telecast across the entire US.  Unlike other TV  judges Judge Caprio is a real judge in a real courtroom who says ""I'm not here on the court to be an entertainer...my primary role is to do justice." You can find out more about Judge Caprio and view life enhancing videos of his cases at www.caughtinprovidence.com

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